Peer Supporters must maintain strict compliance with stated guidelines and policies. Please read the following requirements carefully and thoughtfully. By signing this document, you are stating that you have read, understood, and agreed to comply with all aspects presented.


As a Peer Supporter, I will:


• Maintain confidentiality in interactions with my peers, unless emergency or risk of harm to self or others is identified; in such cases, I will contact the Administrative/Faculty Supervisor(s) for further guidance and support and/or will take other proscribed measures as necessary (e.g. such as calling 911).


. Keep in mind that I am not a professional and will not engage in counseling others; I will provide information, active listening, empathy, assistance with problem solving strategies, peer mediation, support, and referral to resources as needed.


• Participate in regular training provided for Peer Supporter skill building.


• Participate in at least one Peer Supporter-sponsored activity per semester.


• Attend the Fall and, if possible, Spring, New Student Orientation.


• Complete the Mental Health First Aid and SAVES trainings when available.


. Attend monthly meetings for Peer Supporters.


. Provide support and show respect for my fellow Peer Supporters.


• Conduct my behavior in accordance with the University Code of Conduct,


. Attend my classes and complete my coursework, enabling me to maintain at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA.


. Respond before/within 24 hours to attempts to reach me by fellow Peer Supporters and supervisors. If I am not going to be available for a longer period of time, I will notify my fellow Peer Supporters and Administration/Faculty Supervisor(s) ahead of time.