Peer Supporters serve as an additional on-campus resource. They are fellow students who offer help and support when you want to talk with someone. This could be for company, if you are working on big decisions, feeling down, lonely, homesick, overwhelmed, frustrated, concerned, anxious, or confused, or if you do not know where to find assistance for academic issues, mental health concerns, or other challenges.

Should you need and wish to be connected to specific resources, from tutors to mental health professionals, they can assist with this as well.

Peer Supporters have received additional education and training in such areas as active listening, setting boundaries, determining risk factor, considerations of diversity and inclusion, and mental health and general wellness topics to serve as Peer Supporters. They are non-judgmental, supportive, helpful listeners and problem solvers. They are not professionals, though, and do not provide counseling.

Peer Supporters share their experience and provide tips and encouragement. They serve as mentors in terms of adapting to college life, developing good study habits, coping with the stresses of college, and learning about campus culture and the surrounding community.  

Interested in joining the Seahawk to Seahawk team? The yearlong program includes:

1. Ongoing education and training.

2. The opportunity to develop your leadership, coping, communication, and group facilitation skills.

3.  Support from supervisors and peers throughout the program


If you would like to connect with a Peer Supporter email Dean Warren , Dr. Schupper, or check out the Student Supporter Profiles for direct contact information.