You are a supportive fellow student. You will be a good listener, source of support and comfort, mentor, and resource if others need additional help.


Giving some ideas, alternatives, and suggestions is great. You are not to try to “fix” problems or give advice, though.


Issues you are well able to address: Loneliness, frustration, sadness, anxiety, academic issues, roommate conflicts, homesickness, adjustment to campus life, feeling overwhelmed with responsibilities, issues with time management or organization, feeling left out, shyness and problems getting to know others, questions about who to contact or where to find resources, assistance in reaching out to resources.


Issues you are not able to address and which should automatically lead you to contact Dean Warren, Dr. Schupper, Campus Police, and/or 911: Suicidal thoughts; Violent intentions; Domestic Violence; Abuse; Rape; Stalking; Sexual harrassment; Serious mental illness in which the individual is having difficulty perceiving reality accurately and/or experiencing hallucinations or delusions; overdoses.


At any time you have questions about what to do, please contact Dean Warren and/or Dr. Schupper.